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Photograph by Kris Anderson


The Ann and Nancy Wilson Tribute Show.

An original cabaret created by

Carole Williams.

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The Wilson sisters have been described as 'the first women to front a hard rock band; pioneers who inspired women to pick up an electric guitar or start a band".

The Ann and Nancy Wilson Tribute Show – Women with Heart follows their journey as they fused their folk sensibility with their hard rock influences. Their genius was the way they straddled the two genres and could move from one to the other with effortless ease - Indescribable, contradictory and unpredictable, both in music and behaviour.

This show presents their story and the road that took them full circle, to sing for Led Zeppelin; itself a folk/hard rock fusion. Heart broke down barriers of gender and genre and inspired a revolution for women in music. They sung their guts out. Their music, their way, with no apologies.

The Ann and Nancy Wilson Tribute Show – Women with Heart, features a unique powerhouse duo with the captivating vocal blend of Carole Williams and her special guest performer. This cabaret may include different partnership opportunities for Carole each time it is performed.

Women With Heart cabaret by Carole Williams 4.jpg

Photograph by Kris Anderson

The Ann and Nancy Wilson Tribute Show – Women with Heart, pays tribute to the music, lives and stories of the Wilson sisters. Through an exploration of their songs, This Cabaret tells the story of friendships and relationships tested and strengthened by the sisters’ love of singing and performing and their axe wielding heritage.

In a show don’t tell experience, the audience is invited to take a seat in the living room of the Wilson family and experience close up the creativity, power and determination that made Heart one of the most successful rock bands over four consecutive decades.


Performers in this show deliver both the rock belt of Barracuda and the gentleness of the melodic, These Dreams. Accompanied by some of Brisbane’s top musicians, Williams delivers the Heart catalogue from the early days of Dog and Butterfly, to their award winning cover of Stairway to Heaven that brought Led Zeppelin to tears and to their feet.

Patrons will be entertained with a true to life tribute supported not only by outstanding vocalists and musicians but with clever costuming and dialogue. Patrons will relive moments in their own lives as they replay the memories of where they were when these songs were released. A great story and an audio visual treat all rolled into one.

The Ann and Nancy Wilson Tribute Show – Women with Heart, features two female vocalists, and a five piece band. For full technical requirements of this cabaret, availability for inclusion in your program and high quality promotional material, email management@carolewilliams.com.au