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Ipswich Civic Centre Feb 12 2022
The Old Museum Feb 13 2022


Photograph by Kris Anderson


An original cabaret created by Carole Williams.

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Velvet Rose is the proprietor of The Velvet Lounge, an underground club operating in an age of prohibition. She invites guests to the club for fun and excitement where they are allowed to drink, unmask and misbehave, but in return they must perform for her. If she isn't suitably entertained, she gets rid of them. A dark comedy about boredom, murder and revenge.

The Velvet Lounge features Carole Williams as Velvet Rose. She is bored, 

ruthless and sardonic. To entertain her, her guests have to be captivating. Each performance features special guest artists invited from around Brisbane, to strut their stuff and take their chances on Velvet's stage. In February Carole is joined by Dale Pengelly, James Lee and Isabel Jayne Byrne.  This 'show within a show', brings a variety of exciting performers, strung together with clever story telling and a plot that
revolves around stories of love, murder and revenge.

In a show: don’t tell experience, the audience is invited to take a seat in the Velvet Lounge and experience close up the mystery, tension and dark humour of this quirky cabaret, featuring songs from artists including: Tom Lehrer, Eddie Cantor, Annie Lennox, Jill Tracey, PJ Harvey, Leonard Cohen and more!

The Velvet Lounge also features a live four piece band with Meg Burstow on piano, Annie Silva on Bass and Violin, Liam Madden on drums and Wesley Taylor on guitar.


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The Ipswich Civic Centre February 12 2022

The Old Museum February 13 2022

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Photograph by Kris Anderson